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Dash Cam Test

dash cam test

Video from a dashboard camera – or dash cam – can be useful evidence if you're involved in an accident or other traffic incident. But not all dash cams provide good clear video or are easy to use. We put them to the test to pick the best from the rest. Here's how we go about it.

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Our expert testers

Our testers are qualified and well-experienced in testing a wide range of products, and many sit on Standards committees and belong to other professional and expert bodies.

For some products there are Australian or international standards, which usually form the basis of our testing for those products. In other cases, such as with dash cams, our testers and content producers work together to devise our own test methods based on the key aspects that matter to consumers.

How we test


This is the most important aspect of our dash cam test – after all, if the recorded video isn't clear enough to see details such as number plates and other identifying features of cars, it's not much use to you. We look at:

Ease of use

The lab tester assesses each model for:

The ease of use score is weighted mainly towards the ease of attaching and detaching the camera from the mount or windscreen and adjusting the angle of view, as this is something you're likely to do regularly and it's where we see a lot of difference between models. The other factors tend to vary less between models.

Test criteria explained

The overall score is made up of:

Performance is made up of:

Heat test

We heat test dash cams in an oven for three hours to see how they'd survive being left in a car on a very hot day.


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